Sunday, 24 September 2017

From the personal journal of Irisz Magyari

We’re away from Shasta and not a moment too soon for a number of different reasons.

Things with the Red Mountain tribe (Clan, whatever) were not going well, to say the least. Ever since we armed them they had been pushing us for more action, but not against the Wolves. Rather, they wanted us to focus on their rivals, hoping that we’d stomp all over their villages with our BattleMechs. I’d managed to hold off on that for some time, but it reached the point where I was running out of excuses. That the chief was looking to hitch me up with his son didn’t help any, I mean, yes, he looked great without a shirt, but the last thing I want is to be tied to a specific planet’s ugly politics. Besides, I’m spoken for.

We found an exit after a fashion courtesy of a disaffected Wolf adoptee. Velkon Dumeitscu was a Shasta native who joined up with the Wolves. Only things didn’t work out as he’d hoped and, after two battles with us, he’d found himself locked up. We liberated him and a couple of other members of his Star during a raid, and he was willing to cut us a deal. If we gave him a ‘Mech and a place in our forces, even if only temporarily, he’d give us the location of Star Colonel Kendra Tutuola.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Audio Log File #75944-Rho

Nikola Kardos: So where do you want to start?

Velkon Dumeitscu: I would like to know how you knew about my men and I. We really did not expect to be rescued at all, or that anyone would even know about what was happening. I know that (Star Colonel) Tutola wanted to keep all that quiet as to not shatter the unit’s already fragile morale.

Kardos: We intercepted Wolf communications during a recon raid on a Wolf supply depot. It took us a bit to fish through the files, but once we found the message about you and your men, I figured that it would be worth out while to extract you.

Dumeitscu: And for that, I thank you. While i did not want to be locked up, the more I look at it, the more likely my being locked up was.

Kardos: So I’d like to know the string of events that led to you and your men being locked up.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

RAF Intel Intercept 3145-372812-Alpha

(I found this report while reviewing the recent action on Shasta. It says a lot about Mu Galaxy’s morale issues that an adoptee would openly question a trueborn, bloodnamed superior. It's something that could be very useful in the days to come)

From: Star Captain Velkon Wolf
To: Star Colonel Kendra Tutuola

Subject: After action report

Star Colonel,

I cannot describe what happened as anything other than a crushing failure. We have lost valuable warriors and equipment, and gained nothing for it. The fault does not lie in those warriors or their equipment, however, but in the decisions that led us to that battle.

With our efforts so far to contain the Mercenaries having failed, I had determined that the best course of action was to try and consolidate my Trinary rather than let it continue to be destroyed piecemeal. However, our contacts within one of the uplands tribes had reported that mercenaries had begun large scale movement of equipment into a remote jungle location, and were returning with heavily loaded VTOLs.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

From the personal journal of Scientist Jeris

I can only imagine who it was I annoyed to get this assignment. Maybe it was Scientist Wallis After I proved his theory about 26th century Rasalhaguian influence on Tamar culture to be a load of hot air. I know he’s had it in for me ever since then. Regardless of who it was, this assignment is some sort of special level of hell, and I have no idea what I did to deserve it.

The Black Mountain people are not the fascinating study in neo-primitivist culture that I was hoping for. No, they’re a bunch of machismo savages who’s only real interest is proving their manliness by slaughtering hapless wildlife and occasionally wrestling each other. That their leader wears the skin of a Skatha Ape is not encouraging as to their sanity at all. Fortunately, I haven’t been here for one of their occasional wars with the Red Rock people, a nearby tribe of equally bloodthirsty lunatics.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

From the personal journal of Irisz Magyari

We’ve formed an alliance of sorts with the Red Rock people (They hate the use of the word ‘tribe” to describe them) aimed at expanding out campaign of harassment against the Wolves; I must admit that I’m in two minds about this; on one side, I appreciate all that they can give us. They serve as extra eyes on the ground, they know the planet and its terrain much better then we do, they can provide far more intel then we could gather on our own and they give us a useful weapon.

What I don’t like is some of what they’re asking for in reply. There’s nothing that’s immediately “wrong” about it, more of a general feeling of unease and wondering about the long-term consequences of our actions and what they are going to do.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Audio Log File #75928-Rho

Bruce Wolf: What you got there, mate?

Randy Georges: I’m just editing the footage form our little expedition over the last few days into a more... Presentable format.

Wolf: Right. That’s when you and the others (EDITOR’S NOTE: Takahashi Oda, Lee Zhen, Haki Aardvarksen) went out to meet those tribals. How’d that go?

Georges: Well, they prefer to call themselves neo-primitives.

Wolf: And like I can’t talk about bludgers who like to give themselves fancy labels, right?

Georges: Well...

Wolf: So as said, how’d that go?

Georges: Irisz will probably give you all a full briefing in the morning, but it can’t hurt to show you. Basically, she wanted us to try and track down the prisoners your lance released and get their help. After all, if we’re going to annoy the Wolves, why not enlist the aid of people who don’t like them already?

Monday, 15 May 2017

Audio Log File #75921-Rho

Voice [Male, 40s, no discernible accent, likely native English speaker]: Thank you for making the time to meet me, Captain Dae-Hoon.

Jun Dae-Hoon: “Captain” is a bit of a cruel title. Right now I am simply an unemployed mercenary.

Voice: Which is why I am glad that you chose to meet me, as I’m hoping that I can rectify that situation. I’ve been looking at your career record and I think that you have a lot ot offer.

Dae-Hoon: Such as?

Voice: You’re an experienced soldier, for starters. You’re listed as an elite-rated artillery gunner with over twenty years battlefield experience with a variety of different weapons systems and platforms. That alone would be a desirable trait.

Dae-Hoon: What else do they say about me?