Monday, 15 May 2017

Audio Log File #75921-Rho

Voice [Male, 40s, no discernible accent, likely native English speaker]: Thank you for making the time to meet me, Captain Dae-Hoon.

Jun Dae-Hoon: “Captain” is a bit of a cruel title. Right now I am simply an unemployed mercenary.

Voice: Which is why I am glad that you chose to meet me, as I’m hoping that I can rectify that situation. I’ve been looking at your career record and I think that you have a lot ot offer.

Dae-Hoon: Such as?

Voice: You’re an experienced soldier, for starters. You’re listed as an elite-rated artillery gunner with over twenty years battlefield experience with a variety of different weapons systems and platforms. That alone would be a desirable trait.

Dae-Hoon: What else do they say about me?

From the personal journal of Bruce Wolf

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute. I was never anything more than a fake Wolf. Unlike the Trueborn Steel Wolves, I had no lineage, no claim to clan Bloodlines or Bloodnames or the like. And given when I came into the Steel Wolves, my claim to being a Wolf began and ended with Kal Bloody Radick. I look back on it now and the few Steel Wolves that wound up becoming Imperial Wolves, and I notice that almost all of them were Trueborns or had become warriors prior to the Blackout. It does make your feel a little bit cranky, specially given that Anna Bloody K is now an Empire Star Colonel.

I only mention this because Mu Galaxy’s warriors are real Wolves. They’re citizens of the Empire who have chosen to become warriors and, in doing such, do all the same bullcrap that I did; give up your name and identity and all that sort of buggery. But given that they’re actually a bunch of galahs who don’t know their arse from a stick, they’re pretty piss-poor warriors. And yet, I knew fake Wolves who were far better warriors then these real Wolves ever could be.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Magyari's Irregulars' leaders

Sel Magyari

Commander Magyari’s Irregulars 3012-3049

Much of Sel Magyri’s early career is shrouded in mystery, thanks in no part to her own tendency to exaggerate the truth. She somehow managed to become a trained MechWarrior while never attending any formal military schooling, and also having a minor career as a swimsuit model on her homeworld of Lesnovo. At some point she managed to acquire a Thunderbolt from a group of pirates, but her own story of how it happened is doubtless exaggerated.

Incident at Red Hills

I know that I am breaking protocol by sending a runner back to you with this, but I think that it is important. There has been a very unexpected development at the Red Hills mining site, one that could either be very useful for us or have severe consequences.

To quickly fill you in, since their recent security problems, the Wolves had chosen to take up a more visible presence on the site. The Wolves had five BattleMechs present, all of them old Marik models they had salvaged. I had found out that all five of them were manned by Lowlander converts, rather than real Wolf warriors. They were clearly on alert, given our recent incursions into the area and sabotage of their mines. However, they weren’t ready for what happened next.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Mu Galaxy, Wolf Empire

MRBC Report 01-06-3145

Commanding Officer: Galaxy Commander Bradford Vickers

An entirely new formation, Mu Galaxy was raised in the 3140s from the populations of several worlds occupied by the Wolf Empire. An entropy volunteer force, Mu’s warriors were drawn from a stretch of independent worlds falling between the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth and The Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey before their incorporation into the Wolf Empire. Many of these worlds were either unwanted by others or had deliberately chosen to remain independent, and were bound only by common geography and prior affiliation to the Free Worlds League.

In creating Mu Galaxy, the Wolf Empire sought to overcome these limitations and give their warriors a common cause. In this effort, they were only partially successful. While Mu’s ranks did initially swell with volunteers, many of those who joined up found that the reality of Clan life was very different to their expectations, while chafing at the regimented and disciplined society that they had become a part of. Its warriors took very little interest in training, resulting in an overall low quality of readiness.


Star type (Recharge time): K3V
Position in system: 2 (of 9)
Number of satellites: 2 (Hestaby, Dunkelzhan)
Surface gravity: 1.02 g
Atmospheric Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Equatorial Temperature: 40 (Tropical)
Surface water: 70 percent
Recharging station: Zenith
HPG Class: B (Inoperative)
Highest native life: Mammals
Population: 450,000,000 (3145)
Socio-Industrial levels: B-C-B-B-A
Landmasses (Capitol city): Kitanemuk, Miwok, Serrano (Redding),Timbisha,

Shasta was discovered early in the age of exploration, and almost immediately tagged as an ideal location for a colony. Orbiting a small, orange sun, the planet’s position sloe to the primary meant that it was blessed with Earth-like conditions and an abundance of native flora and fauna. Much of the planet’s four major continents were covered in thick forests, most notably the dense interior jungles. Save for the equatorial deserts of the largest continent (Later named Serrano), the world seemed ripe for human habitation.

The biggest obstacle to colonization was not a problem with the planet itself, but with its local life forms. Several aggressive species called Shasta home, most notably the Skatha Ape. While largely confined to the planet’s thick jungles, this six-armed primate monstrosity proved to be a hazard for early explorers. Even after several early programs to push them back, populations of Skatha Apes still dwell in the Mendoza Jungle Reserve, and are considered to be a hazard for the unwary traveler. Such hazards did, however, help slow development, leaving many of the planet’s forested areas still untouched.

From the personal journal of Irisz Magyari

I haven’t really put my thoughts in order for a while given all that’s been going on; thus there’s a lot that I will cover here. I do feel bad about being so negligent about this. After all I learned from the journals of my predecessors (Especially Sel and Annika) it almost feels like a duty to collect my thoughts so that I can pass them on to whoever succeeds me.

First of all, things went well with the Tamarind government. We handed over Kaine to their custody and received out payment. They were pretty happy with our work, especially given how thoroughly we destroyed the Reapers. Kaine is going to stand trial for his cronies so that they can show that justice is being done and the like, but we all know that the outcome has been pre-determined. I’m not that bothered by it, really. Kaine was a horrible person, a pirate, raider and murderer who inflicted misery wherever he went. Whatever they chose to do to him is well deserved.